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The best way to explore the functionality of this project is to download the binaries or source code and start any of the provided demo applications. Some demo features (such as, theming) cannot be explored (with all its details) in the demo unless the source code is downloaded and build.

Download and Build the Source Code

A private build requires only Visual Studio Express 2012 (or better) and involves no more steps then downloading the solution, building it, and starting one of the demo projects by setting it up with Set as StartUp project.

Demo Projects


This is the principal demo application that shows a huge number of different message box applications and their look and feel. This demo application is detailed on the MsgBox Demo page.


A user notification is a kind of tool-tip look and feel message that is displayed to the user to give him feedback when it is obvious that usage should be enforced with an additional tip. This kind of notification can be used in long running processes or to resolve complex error situations. It is used in the MsgBox project to tell the user that he should just close the dialog by using the provided choices rather than passing it via a 'back-door', such as, Alt+F4... This demo application is detailed on the User Notification Demo page.

Technical Documentation

Read the Technical Documentation to get a feel for the way this project is working. Raise questions and give feedback if something is not clear in this regard.

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